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My work

​With a background in graphic design and an endless enthusiasm for system thinking, data supported decisions and user-centered design I thrive in the world of design systems. As a lead I champion robustness, documentation, extensible designs, and accessibility. I work with a large variety of cross-functional teams road mapping our project, mitigating the impact to development teams and educating both designers and product teams on design system usage. 


As a Design System our responsibility is not only to the end customer using our products but also the Designers, Developers, QA and PM who rely on our system every day to complete their work. Juggling the requirements to meet the needs of all of our users is an exciting challenge. 

OpenText Design System


The OpenText Design System consists of best practices, interactions patterns, visual specifications, working code, accessibility guides as well as Figma and Axure libraries


Figma play and learn

Contributing to the success and growth of my team enriches my life in ways I never expected. 

I have had the pleasure of being involved in guiding both other designers and co-op students on the Design System.
This is one of our adventures.

Training (1).png

Tile component updates


A look at some of the recent work we did on Dashboard Landing Tiles

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